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Airplane Cover Shredded Turns into a Possible Disaster

Airplane Cover Shredded Turns into a Possible Disaster

Have you been on an airplane? Have you remembered the first time to fly in a plane? Maybe you are nervous on the first time you ride on it. Yes, it is entirely normal even you do not have a fear of heights, and the last thing you want to imagine is a plane crash especially when you are inside an airplane.

Unfortunately, last Friday an airplane had crashed while it is on the middle of its flight. It was an airplane from Frontier Airlines that is supposed to be going to Tampa. It originated from Las Vegas and was obligated to make a landing at McCarran International Airport for safety.

The root of the problem came when the covering of the engine had fallen off because of this the driver has been exposed to too much air pressure which causes it to break down in the middle of the flight.

Luckily no one was hurt by the 166 people inside the airplane. Thanks to the pilot and its crew for being attentive and having a quick response to a possible disaster.

Because of the incident, the passengers were offered compensation by the airline company in the form of cash for them to use on their next booking of flight there were also provided with a free breakfast.

This incident also became an instant hit in the social media, and several memes have been formulated after the event. People involved in the accident are not happy that other people made fun of the incident that could have taken their lives.