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Thousands of Puerto Ricans Came Together to Request Governor’s Resignation

Thousands of Puerto Ricans Came Together to Request Governor's Resignation

Thousands of people Puerto Ricans gathered Wednesday in the commonwealth capital of San Juan to demand the resignation of Government. Ricardo Rosselló, a mass demonstration against the embattled leader this week.

Waving Puerto Rican flags, some in black and grey to signal their discontent with the government, and chanting demands that Rosselló steps down, representative of every age group said they were tired with the corruption of elected person as well as disable austerity measures that have scaled back essential services in recent years.

The crowd and pop star Ricky Martin and Reggaeton artists Benito Martinez Ocasio is known as Bad Bunny and Resident.

Resident released a track online Wednesday calling for people to take to the streets during the island territory’s political crisis.

The hashtag Ricky Renuncia, Ricky Resign, was trending on social media during a Monday protest that moves hundreds to the same cobblestone streets in Old San Juan. Some police officers were wounded, and several people arrested.

Two officers have given resigned in the wake of the legally wrong and causing general public outrage.

Days before the messages leaked out, several former officials — including the former education secretary — and contractors have been arrested as part of an FBI corruption probe.

Karla Villalon said her youngsters were compelled to alter faculties when one closed because of budget cuts. She was a worry when Rosselló’s former education secretary was arrested and accused of guiding federal contracts to politically connected contractors.

Puerto Ricans are also taken part in smaller demonstrations across America. Other like the mainland, including in New York, Orlando, Miami, Philadelphia, and Austin.

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